September 22, 2012

On Saturday, November 22, 2012, the NJAGC held a meeting at the home of Jason T. In attendance were:
Jerry Smith, President of NJAGC, started of the meeting by introducing himself as president and announced to those who were in attendance the other Core members and their titles.
He then stated that the public side that Ken Onulak has been working on was up and running.  Ken started talking about the technical aspects of the public side (which I guess I may never fully understand).
What I can report on is the new Public side will open NJAGC to the aquatic plant world as well as keep the private side as we all love it to be. The public side allows for members with approval by the Core Team to post articles. For examples Mineralized soils, Root tabs, plant experience etc. The possibilities are endless and only hampered by ones own imagination. This will be a place where we as members can interact with the world and vice versa.  We jumped to the Treasure Phil Hunt where he explained the current NJAGC Pay Pal account, Donations, and moneys owed from past meetings.  Jerry brought up and the members discussed the possibility of club shirts, Business cards, etc.
A couple different companies were brought up. Pricing will have to be done and further consideration will be implemented at that time.  Jerry also brought up that the New Core Team is not idle and actively having monthly meetings via Rondee to discuss the clubs future as well as any problems that may arise and that have came up in the past.
Jason Tessitore also brought up that we in the Core Team want to hear what the members want and said that if any member in attendance or in the future has something they think might better the company to bring it up or post in a forum.
Well the fun part began before the meeting was adjourned I had to be pulled away to help my lovely wife with the grill. I thought I was in Ladder 49 or Back Draft once she opened the grill lid. I’m still trying to comb over the burnt hair.
Well after the inferno everyone had at the food and yes some people ate the hockey pucks. ( I’m still confused as to why.) After everyone had their fill and due to the humble size of my home, I invited small groups into my home to observe and ask questions about my tanks.
Jasons 20g fry tank – Left side
Jasons 20g fry tank – Front
Coming down to the conclusion of the meeting we had a plant and fish swap which appeared that everyone left with something they wanted.
Swap frenzy!!!
Hank and Ebert trading
Hanks Cyperus Helferi
Shady deal under the table?
Jerry showing off his emersed Sagittaria Subulata
I want to thank everyone who came to the meeting and made the meet fantastic. Before I get put in the dog house I also want to thank my wife Karyn for cooking cleaning and taking care of the kids even thou she wasn’t feeling that well. With out her this would not have been as good as it was.
Jason Tessitore
EMT-B, FF, NJAGC Secretary

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