Interested in joining NJAGC?

New Jersey Aquatic Gardener’s Club membership is free and open to residents of New Jersey and the Tri State area. Club members have exclusive access to our private online forum. Meetings and plant swaps are held every other month. Dates and rotating locations are provided in our forum.

Potential members must be twelve years of age or older to join NJAGC. All individuals 15 years of age or younger are required to have the supervision of a parent/guardian at all times during any club events or meetings. Parental/guardian supervision is encouraged, but not required for members who are 16 or older. We hope parents/guardians will enjoy the time spent with their young plant enthusiasts at our meetings and events.

All members are required to provide their first and last name, address, email, age and phone number to NJAGC. This is required only if we need to get in touch with a member to communicate last minute meeting cancellation or an emergency situation. Personal information will not be shared outside of the NJAGC. Your name, city and State of residence will be the only identifying information posted in our private forum. Membership requests can not be processed if the registration form is incomplete.

Please note, all new accounts are manually created by a forum moderator. Therefore membership applications may take up to one week to process.

Once you have joined NJAGC you will have access to our club forum and participate in any and all group purchases. After one month of active participation on the forum you will be invited to attend NJAGC meetings and events.

As one of the benefits NJAGC offers quality constructive criticism which over time enhances aquascapes  to a new level as displayed below.

The results above won’t happen overnight and will often require a lot of patience. That’s where NJAGC outshines some of the larger forums. With the guidance and personal touch of a small but experienced group, we help our members turn any tank in the right direction.

NJAGC appreciates your interest in joining our club. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member.

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