May 24th, 2014

May meeting was at the home of James (Jim).

In attendance were:

James Laurie Adrian Phil H
Chris Peter Jerry Darin
Johnny Egbert

Meeting Minutes:
Jerry announced office elections are open for volunteers and/or nominations now that the two year terms have ended for the current core team.

Jim opened the meeting informing us of the unfortunate accident he had with his 55 gallon planted tank after 2 suction cups failed while away on vacation. The two suction cups held the return from his canister to the glass and once they failed the canister pumped all the water out of tank onto the basement floor. With only 5 or 6 inches of water left in the tank the lights basically dried all the plants above the surface.

He managed to save most of the fish and what he could with plants but the damage was done.
may 2014 (1 of 5)

may 2014 (2 of 5)

Like most NJAGC members James does have multiple tanks and better luck with his 20 gallon shrimp tank filled with moss.

may 2014 (3 of 5)Jim is also expanding his horizons in the hobby with his first saltwater tank. He is getting close to this tank being fully cycled.

may 2014 (4 of 5)In the end the timing of the meeting could not be better. With some encouragement from the restless locals the plant swap had more than enough to help fill the 55 gallon planted tank again.

may 2014 (5 of 5)

On behalf of NJAGC we would like to thank Jim for hosting. We would also like to thank all the members who were able to attend and welcome all our new members. The NJAGC picnic is scheduled to be in July hosted by Frank.

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