May 10, 2008

May 2008 Meeting

Sergio and his family hosted the 12th meeting of the NJAGC on Saturday, May 10th, 2008.

In attendance were 18 members:
Ingo S.
Jay L.
Mike F.
Joseph H.
Walter R.
Sergio C.
Jerry S.
Robert H.
Hank S.
Brian P.
Stephen S.
Frank Z.
Paula B.
Johnny A.
Thresa S.
Stanley K.
Roy K.
Chris L.

Wow, Sergio’s tank really drew a crowd, or maybe it was the food, whatever the cause, another well attended NJAGC meeting!

Sergio and his wife put out all sorts of delicacies – stuffed mushrooms, fresh vegetables with some wonderful dip, but the icing on the cake…literally was this:

Fish Cake

Paracheirodon Axelrodi Cakus AKA Cardinal Tetra Cake

Since we didn’t have much in the way of club business, Mike F. welcomed all the members, both new and familiar faces, he handed off the meeting to Sergio.

Sergio Looking Back at his tank

This tank is looking a lot more structured from the last time we saw it in person. The scape is certainly being handled very well and Sergio finally put a background on it! (Was that just for me?). I really still believe that even on these gorgeous rimless tanks, backgrounds of almost any kind really make it pop!

Many options were discussed about the handling of “the valley” that Sergio is pointing to above. Some were suggesting the removal of the two different but somewhat similar stem plants, Rotala rotundifolia and the Rotala sp. ‘Colorata’, while others were suggesting more hardscape. Whatever it becomes, we’ll see something different next time I’m sure.

Guess who’s hands…


That sand is not photoshopped! Just well groomed!


Gorgeous, clean Anubias growth!

Anubias Coffeefolia peeking over the Rotala Growth

Some more of that wonderful Rotala growth!

Jay L peering through the tank

When the discussions about the tank, aqauscape and hardware were complete, everyone gathered for some cake and the plant swap.

Plant Swap

Plant swap table – pretzels cannot be planted…anywhere!

As a side note, recently in the forum, there have been many discussions about emersed growth setups of plants that we normally keep submersed in our little aquatic gardens.

Emersed Growth

Sergio is also getting into Bonsai Trees – not really emersed aquascape growth, but the humidity from the tank and warmth of the lights probably doesn’t hurt them…

And, here are some other photos from the meeting…

“No Honey, I am not upset that you came home with another aquarium”

by Robert H – Winner of the May Caption Contest

ID This plant

The extremely rare Rice Krispus Paulus Exotica specimen

Thanks to Sergio and Melissa for another excellent job at hosting!

Until next meeting,

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