March 27, 2010

On Saturday, March 27, 2010, the NJAGC held its March meeting at Jerry S’s office, Little Falls Alloys in Paterson, NJ.As is par the course for an NJAGC meeting, it started off with a little business. Members were reminded that photos for use as avatars would be taken and to add their location to their forum profiles. Walter provided a standard treasurer’s report, and Jay prepped us all for his “Auction of Aquatic Awesomeness”.

In attendance were:

Mike F
Jay L
Sergio C
Glenn M
Walter R
Jerry S
Jens R
Paula B
Jason T
Johnny A
Ken O
Stanley K
Vijay A
Lisa and Jay S
Jon H
Hank S
Frank Z
Jon L
Stephen S
Darek K

After business, the meeting was tossed into the capable hands of Jerry S, who brought us into his bosses office to show us the results of the November meetings handiwork….the 150G behemoth!

We all got to revisit the inner workings of the aquarium.

Jerry explained that he is quite pleased with the venturi style CO2 injection system he has working.

He mentioned the venturi created quite a vacuum, pulling a vacuum 9.5 psi making CO2 dissolution and disbursement optimal. Plant growth in the aquarium was pretty amazing! Although the Cryptocorynes we had
planted had not yet rebounded from the dreaded Crypt melt just yet, the narrow leaf
Java ferns and Lobelia cardinalis growth was more than impressive.

A few mentioned to Jerry that the Java ferns would not only look better but would be a bit healthier if he were more diligent and removed the plantlets. Jerry said he’d get on that as soon as he could. Knowing Jerry he was at the shop after midnight taking care of it! 😉

The aquascape was looking good, and everyone agreed will look even better when those Crypts rebound. I believe we even heard a little “Hmmm” from Jay. A positive “Hmmm” not an “are you sure about how that looks Hmmm”.

Next us was the 65G aquarium in Jerry’s office. After a
quick jaunt through the factory, a wire drawing and electroplating manufacturer, we found ourselves looking at a what I would describe as a pretty amazing low tech African biotype. A simple, yet seemingly precarious placement of rocks, some sand and Vallisneria sp.
give the aquarium an extremely natural feel.


The algae growth is beautiful….if we can ever dare describe algae as beautiful. A deep, rich green on the smooth neatly placed stone. The photos don’t do it justice. It reminded me of a rolling, grassy hill. Just a beautiful aquarium.

Next up was the aquarium Jerry described as his “dirty tank”, a 37G that houses what I suspect is Jerry’s all-time favorite plant Cryptocoryne usterania.

After quite a bit of ribbing about his homemade lighting fixture (Ken O could have sworn he saw burn marks on the wiring), Jerry moved the club carefully past the angel-hair thin wires running throughout the manufacturers and over to his emmersed Cryptocoryne collection.

Jerry has quite a few pretty little plants growing in inexpensive glass vases. I remember seeing Cryptocoryne affinis and a couple other varieties of Cryptocoryne thriving in those little glass containers!

We all couldn’t help also being drawn to Jerry’s collection of cacti and other floral oddities!

Jerry is a truly talented gardener, be it aquatic or terrestrial!

After viewing all of Jerry’s specimens, it was time for lunch and Jay’s Awesome Aquatic Auction!

Pizza was served and the auction action commenced. Jay was dealing away his collection of aquarium related products he had collected over the years. Jay said he needed to clear out some space in his home, but rumor within the club had it that his wife loaded up his car before he left and told him not to come back unless he got rid of the excess gear! Who knows the real story!

Pumps! Get your pumps here!

The auction went well. Everyone was happy with the deals they got, and Jay was allowed back into the house. Our meeting concluded with a plant swap, and the distribution of a group order. All was right with the world.

Some other photos of the meeting:

Meeting opens with some club business.

Glenn working on the group order wrangling Amanos! Nice work there, Glenny-boy!

Standing Room Only!

Enrapt, the club listens to Jerry talk about his emmersed and cactus collection.


Caption Contest!

Big thanks to Jerry and the folks at Little Falls Alloys!


Filling in for Joe H…Mike F! (Thanks for the writeup Mike, and thanks to Sergio for the photos! -Joe)

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