July 19, 2008 – Second Annual NJAGC Barbeque

Second Annual NJAGC Barbeque

The second annual NJAGC Barbeque was held on Saturday, July 19, 2008.

Ingo and his family were excellent hosts, with plenty of good food, maybe a little too much (more on that later) and drinks. I really like whatever Ingo (or maybe it was his wife) did with the chicken marinade, and the salads were tasty too!

BBQ Food - Yummmm!

Walter cooking the chicken

Ingo has a wonderful kid-friendly backyard, so the kids which Walter, Jens, Sergio and Glenn brought along as well as Ingo’s two children, had a great time on the swings, slides and in (or jumping over) the pool. My little one is a bit too young, but she was there as well.

The “Adults” contemplate if 30 minutes is really enough time to wait after eating to go back in the pool

Again, I really didn’t take the camera out much because I was enjoying the event but here are a few other shots from the day.

Bit-O-Walter, Jens,, Glenn, and George

The most relaxed looking photo I have of Mike

Almost got all the wives in one shot…(and Sergio)

Which brings me to this photo. I won’t say any more…those who were there know Glenn blamed his son, but I think he went a little crazy with the hamburgers and salads…

Thanks for being a good sport Glenn!

Sergio, George, Melissa, Joe and Mike – hmmm, might have to setup a late caption contest..

(photo courtesy of Jens)

Walter giving Ingo a lesson in grill setup…

(photo courtesy of Jens)

Many thanks to Ingo and his family for hosting the second annual NJAGC Barbeque!

Until next time,

Joseph Hoetzl


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