January 31st, 2015

On Saturday, January 31st, 2015, the NJAGC held a meeting at the home of Jason T.

In attendance were:

Carrie G Kathryn M John M
Ross A Adrian M Jason T
Khanh T Jerry S

Jerry, president of the NJAGC, called the meeting to order and Jerry passed the torch over to the host – Jason.

Jason began our meeting by showing off his 150 gallon tank.

Jason (1)




Some of the inhabitants in his tank are Whiptail cats, various strains of angelfish, German Blue Rams, barbs, and others.Jason (5)

This tank has injected CO2 controlled by a pH controller.

Jason tank

It has the largest Eheim Classic canister filter, the 2260 filtering it. He is not running a sump on this tank. His CO2 is injected into the inlet of the Eheim and the gas gets dispersed in the water very efficiently. Jason has a custom LED light built by our own Ken O.

Jason (4)

He is using a controller to give dawn and dusk settings as well as ramping up to full light over a time period. A very nice light.

Jerry explained how Jason’s tank has made the rounds in NJAGC.

Jerry at Jasons

First it was set up in Jerry’s boss’s office at his work. Then it made its way down to Toms River and Ken O’s house. When Ken moved to Arizona, the tank made its way to Jason’s house. It is good to see that it is still up and running after all of these moves.

Jason then showed his 20 Long next to the 150 where he has a breeding pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides Triple Red.

Jason (2 of 2)

Jason’s Apistogramma cacatuoides Triple Red video.

Jason does not do too much by way of work on this tank, he just adds water to make up for evaporation. He has a Hang on Back filter for circulation, oak leaves along with Echinodorus , Narrow Leaf Java Fern, other plants, moss, driftwood and some rockwork. The female has eaten her spawns so far. But, Jason is still hoping.

Next to the 20L are two 10 gallon tanks side by side, short side out. Each tank has sponge air filters for biological filtration. These tanks are used to grow out plants and for hospital/quarantine needs. Jason uses cleaned Rotisserie chicken tubs containing a mixture of Mineralized Soil and Seachem Black Flourite to grow his plants in these tubs.

Jason (1 of 1)

The other 10 contains clay pot potted plants.

Jason (1 of 2)Jason grows his plants here in pots for ease of cleaning and transplanting.

Here is a shot of our members as they are listening to Jason.

Jason (1 of 1)-2

After telling us about our tanks, we were all invited to a wonderful lunch of BBQ Buffalo Wings and other wonderful treats. But the best part of all was the wonderful Birthday cake for the Birthday King, Jason T. himself.

His wonderful wife Karyn and two daughters, Sophia and Olivia made an aquatic themed birthday cake with fruit leather cutouts for aquatic plants, malted milk balls for the substrate, candy fish and gummy bear fish swimming around, and blue-green icing for the fish to swim in.What a work of love and art!

Jason bday cake

His two daughters also did some decorating around the home to have an aquatic theme and even got Jason to make an Apistogramma cacatuoides cut out. Here is one of the artists, Olivia standing in front of her work of art.
Jason (1 of 1)-3

Sophia made her dad a wonderful gift in the form of an IOU

Jason (1 of 1)-4

On behalf of the NJAGC, we would like to thank Jason and Karyn for hosting the January meeting. We would also like to thank all the members who attended another successful meeting. The next meeting is scheduled to be on March 28th and will be hosted by Carrie G in Glendora, NJ.

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