January 2014 Meeting

January meeting was held at the home of Member and Treasurer Phil H.

NJAGC would like to recognize our newest members

New Members:
Eric Z
Irene B
Phil Y
Peter R

Glad to have you aboard!!!

Members in attendance were:

Hank S
Egbert A
Sergio C
Jay L
Johnny A
Kenneth O
Jason T
Darek K
Jerry S
Darin P
Patrick D
Pete B
Paula B
Stephen S
Debopriyo B
Aram B
Frank Z
Khanh T
  Phil H
Adam Z
Adrian M

Members who attended this meeting may or may not have been aware that they were apart of NJAGC history. Our previous record attendance was 21 members. At this meeting we surpassed that mark by 4 members. That’s right a whopping 25 members where in attendance. Great job folks!!!!


Meeting Minutes:

The entire month of February, NJGAC will be presenting an exhibit of planted aquariums including many enlarged mounted photographs of our best efforts as well as of internationally award winning planted tanks in the Haggerty Education Building of the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Township, NJ.


On Saturday February 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM till 4:30 PM NJAGC will be presenting a program called TANKED: Indoor Aquatic Gardening Day to show the terrestrial gardener that aquatic gardening is a very similar hobby that can be enjoyed year ‘round.

Phil H. was gracious enough to host our 1st NJAGC meeting of 2014 and what a start to our new year it was!

On display is his 240g planted tank. Phil began his talk on this beautiful tank with a bit of history of how he started out. We also discussed his woes and the issues he was having.


 As of Dec 26, 2013 Phil started adding CO2 to his 240g aquarium and is seeing good results. Later on, Phil and company took PAR readings on his 240g and 29g to compare the lighting. On the 240g he replaced two 96w Compact Fluorescent lamps and redid the PAR test to see the before and after results.


We  saw Phil’s very low tech 29g, looking beautiful and spent time discussing why very similar conditions in his 240g yielded much poorer results such as many plants that flourish in 29g die in his 240g.

Phils 240 (1 of 1)

We also had our local “scientist” testing  & discussing water parameters of members who brought water samples.

DSC_4092                       DSC_4097                 As the meeting started to draw to an end, the plant swap began. Many beautiful plants were brought and everyone went home with a new addition to add to their own aquarium.

DSC_4107                       DSC_4090

If you left early, you missed a special treat. At the end of the night Julie showed us her talents on the microphone with beautiful songs that when you closed your eyes you felt as if you were right where she was singing about. Thank you for sharing your voice with us!!!

On behalf of NJAGC we would like to thank Phil and Julie for hosting this wonderful record breaking meeting. We would also like to thank all the members who were able to attend and welcome all our new members. If you missed this meeting, you surely missed something special. The next meeting is scheduled to be in March 15th and hosted by Ken O in Toms River. Ken plans to show us the LED light fixtures he has been making. Thanks once again to Phil, Julie and everyone for making this meeting another great one.

Yours Truly,

Jason Tessitore

NJAGC Secretary



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