February 11, 2017 Meeting (@Steve)

The most recent meeting of the NJAGC was held at Steve’s house on February 11, 2017.

Those in attendance were: Steve, Hock N., Phil H., Pete B., Jay L., Steve M., Ross A., Jerry S., Johnny A., Darek K., Darin P., Frank W., Frank Z., Khanh T., and Johnnie F.

We waited a while for all the members to show up and spent the time talking to one another and meeting our newest members, Johnnie F. and Steve.

The meeting began with our President Khanh T. thanking Steve. for hosting the meeting. Khanh T. covered club’s business and had Jerry S. talk about DVD/Book library program and our newest addition – a PAR meter. Our Treasurer, Jay L. gave a report of our funds and the use and origin of them. Darek K. encouraged all of us to post up good photographs so they can be put on our Facebook page.

Jerry showing off our DVD and Book library:

Our PAR meter with telescopic wand, AKA an old antenna, to position the sensor while taking tank readings:

Jay L presenting treasurer report:

The Dragon stone was available for purchase (~ $3.40lb).

Since it was late and members were hungry, we broke for lunch and enjoyed all the food provided by Steve and other members.

After eating, we all went back in to see Steve’s newly set up tank:

Steve explained what he has been doing with his tank and what equipment he has:

We tested his water for pH and TDS and a sample was taken home by a member for further testing. Steve has fairly good water right out of his tap. And with his very frequent large water changes, his tank values are very close to his tap water values. We also checked his PAR values in various places in his tank.

Following a question and answer period, we began our club plant swap which we hold at every meeting. Good stuff gets given away!!

Johnny A. brought in and raffled off 5 Bucephalandra plants. Don’t miss NJAGC meetings ! A lot of interesting and exciting stuff is shared.

Frank Z. had his eyes on some nice Cryptocoryne cordata var. siamensis grown by one of our members!! He bribed all of us with cold cash to get at it first. We were glad to oblige. Good growing, Frank!

And last but not least, we can’t forget our very own club Curmudgeon. He fits the role well and brings us a lot of laughs. Just watch out when he tries to use Siri to do his typing. We can’t guarantee what will come out!!

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