The New Jersey Aquatic Gardeners Club held its 2016 Picnic at Phil & Julie S’s barn-house in Long Valley, NJ.

In attendance were:

Paula B. Hank S. Johnny A
Khanh T. Darek K.  Ross A.
Jason T. Darin P Phil H.
Aram B. Steve M. Gavin D.
Sheila G. Adam Z. Pete B.
Julie H.  Neil A.

It’s an annual event filled with lots of food, laughter, camaraderie, aquarium talk, aquatic plant exchange, etc. The weather was delightful and allowed everyone to spend some time on the deck, patio and indoors.

One of the staples made an appearance – Phil’s pork ribs. Simply delicious!

After operating for few years, Phil’s  240gallon tank is still going strong.

Phil enjoys having a large variety of fish and aquatic life in his tanks.  Here are just a few of the inhabitants.


Members assisted Phil with replacement of 4 x 96w compact fluorescent tubes over 240gallon ‘Crip-Zen’ and attempted to measure the light output with photography light meter. Although everyone agreed that the light seemed noticeably brighter after tube replacement, the meter showed no change.

Members in attendance were very interested in the colony of Bamboo Shrimp in the 240gallon ‘Crip-Zen’as well as variety of other shrimp, including Red Claw shrimp, in the 29gallon tank.


The plant swap is always a highlight of any NJAGC meeting and this one didn’t disappoint.

If you are interested in reading more about Phil’s 29gallon tank, please read the following entry -> HERE


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