September 20th, 2014

The September 2014 meeting was held at the lovely home of 3 1/2 year member, Phil H.

In attendance were:

Jerry S
Jim L
Laurie S
Pete B
Ross A
Darek K
Phil H
Kara VK
Khanh T
Adrian M


After a late start, Jerry called the meeting to order then proceeded to engage the group in a delightful discussion regarding substrates. Many areas surrounding the topic were explored including it’s purpose, nutrients and composition, different types of substrates as well as the pros and cons of each, recommended methods of starting up and much more.

Sep 2014 meeting (1 of 5)
A treasury report was given and all participated in the usual plant swap. Ross was welcomed to the club as this was his first meeting attended.Sep 2014 meeting (2 of 5)

Khanh spoke briefly about the driftwood that was made available to the group.wood

A good portion of the meeting was spent re-scaping a section of Phil’s tank,Sep 2014 meeting (5 of 5)

as well as engaging in numerous other plant and fish related conversation and engorging ourselves in the amazing food provided by the host and others.

Sep 2014 meeting (4 of 5)
The November meeting will be held in Ringwood NJ, exact date to be determined.

Jim L

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