September 12, 2009

On Saturday, the 12th of September, 2009, the 18th meeting of the New Jersey Aquatic Gardeners Club was held at the home of Drew and Michelle S. In attendance were:

Drew and Michelle
Mark B

The meeting opened with refreshments. The best apple pie anyone could hope to taste (not pictured) was made by Michelle, Drew’s wife.

After some brief info and announcement by Ingo, the meeting moved on to the tanks!

First Drew described his 90G Cichlid Tank. Special care was taken in plant selection to ensure that the fish wouldn’t do too much damage, though they do manage to still do some damage to the anubias. Rocks are stacked carefully to ensure they don’t topple and damage the glass. Drew fertilizes the tank with nothing, except the occasional small dose of excel.

Then Drew went on to his emmersed setup. Some pots are planted with mineralized substrate, some with a mix of other substrates like ADA AAS, and Eco complete. No ferts, just occasional misting.

Ludwigia glandulosa

The 29G. Lo-tek with mineralized soil layer, Schultz Aquatic Soil, and large gravel. Drew doses the tank occasionally with Excel and Iron.

And finally onto the 100G mineralized soil aquarium. The mineralized soil is capped with pool filter sand. The tank only gets a pinch of K2SO4 at water changes, and as can be seen plants are growing very healthy!

100g Tank

Some of Drew’s Denison Barbs (Puntius denisonii )

Thanks so much to Drew and Michelle for hosting another great NJAGC Meeting!

And thanks to Sergio for the writeup and photos since I was unable to attend this meeting!

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