November 14th, 2015

The November meeting of the NJAGC was held at the home of George W in Rutherford, NJ on November 14, 2015. The meeting was called to order by the President, Jerry Smith ~2pm.

In attendance were:

George Hank S. Paula B.
Ross A. Darek K. Phil H.
Jerry S. Darin Bill
Sheila Gavin Adam
Ken H Lisa


Meeting opened up with a typical presidential recap by Jerry where he announced our current library inventory.



George started his presentation with a 40G breeder. He described his maintenance schedule and the tank layout/design.


George’s LED light fixtures continued to spark questions throughout the event.  Although LED lights have been around for some time the color choices and design options provide challenging buying decisions.


George gave the group a tour of his tanks starting with the 40 Breeder.

George’s 40 Breeder

Georges 40B (1 of 1)

George’s 40 breeder is a beautiful dutch tank full of healthy and lush plants.  Foreground consists of Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Ranalisma rostrata, Monte Carlo and Hydrocotyle tripartita.  Blyxa japonica and various crypts fill in the mid section of the tank.  Right side is full of red stems. Ludwigia sp. rubin, Ludwigia glandulosa are clearly the dominant species while Hygrophila angustifolia in the left corner, gently sways with the current.

25g “The Cube”

George 25g

25g “The Cube” was a 1st place prize for the internal NJAGC photo contest held in 2015.

The 25g tank itself came from the auction at the AGA convention. Obtaining this tank at the AGA convention was quite funny, the idea of a photo contest was hashed in a split second (actually it took a little longer because Darek had to convince himself he could not use it so the 2nd idea was born on giving it away as a prize).  Between Jay and Darek an executive decision was made and a spontaneous one at that. They did take a glance around the room for Jerry for approval but he just couldn’t be found.  Although the whole ride home it was a little shaky to whether it would become a prize at all.  Nevertheless the tank made it to a proud new owner and it is proudly displayed here above.

3g “Son of Cube” 

George 3g George’s 3g cube is also known as the “stolen wood” tank among club members.  This wood has been “controversially” acquired during our Nano tank competition.  Drew still thinks that the “stolen wood” would have looked better in his nano.

Blue Rubies

George has a very strong blue ruby neocaridina shrimp population going in this tank.  Shrimp were purchased from Rachel aka “Msjinkzd.”


Darek, Phil and Ken admiring George’s tank.


Gavin, Sheila and Darin catching up.

The next meeting will be held in January, hosted by Jim.

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