NJAGC Nano Aquascaping Competition

On Saturday August 29, 2015 the 1st NJAGC Nano Aquascaping Competition took place in Piscataway, New Jersey in the home of our Vice President Darin.

The following members and guests were in attendance:


Jim, Allyson & their son Annie & her daughter Hock & his daughter
Laurie & her daughter John & Vivian Drew
Jerry Ross Frank Z
Khan Drew Gustavo
Darin Darek  Paula
Bill G. George W. & Lisa  Darin

The meeting was officially called to order by NJAGC President Jerry at 1:45pm. A treasury report was provided. Laurie explained the details regarding our new LFS Discount cards and their availability to active members. Jim reminded members to pick up any items from the last Auction prior to the end of the event. Jerry asked us to keep Gavin and Phil in our thoughts and prayers as they recover from illness and surgeries.

September 2015 (1 of 29)


10 NJAGC members participated in the competition: Khanh, Drew, Gustavo, Darek, GeorgeW, Darin, Paula, Annie & her daughter, Laurie & her daughter, and Hock’s daughter. An impressive range of skill levels, techniques and creativity was demonstrated during the event.



September 2015 (4 of 29) September 2015 (1 of 1)-3 September 2015 (1 of 1)-2

The competition was divided into three categories; substrate, hardscape, and aquatic plants. Competitors selected items from our donated supplies for each category.

September 2015 (5 of 29) September 2015 (9 of 29) September 2015 (8 of 29) September 2015 (10 of 29) September 2015 (2 of 29) September 2015 (3 of 29)

Upon completion of the aquascape, participants filled their nano tanks with water.* As we waited for the water to settle, there was an intermission. Darin presented his 180 gallon planted tank, which was re-scaped later that evening.

September 2015 (18 of 29)

Voting for the Contest began afterwards. Each member present was allotted one vote. Paula’s entry received the most votes and she was declared the Winner of the NJAGC Nano Aquascaping Competition.

Winning tank

September 2015 (28 of 29)

Remaining tanks

September 2015 (23 of 29)

September 2015 (26 of 29)

September 2015 (25 of 29) September 2015 (20 of 29) September 2015 (13 of 29) September 2015 (22 of 29) September 2015 (12 of 29) September 2015 (14 of 29)


Following the competition we held our traditional plant swap. Every member had their choice from a vast array of plant species.

On behalf of NJAGC, We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Darin and his family as our gracious hosts and for welcoming us into their home.

NJAGC would like to commend Gustavo and Darek for coordinating this event. Our Competition was a great success as a result of their leadership, collaborative efforts and dedication.

NJAGC appreciates and acknowledges the skills, time and efforts of John and Vivian M. They professionally filmed and edited the video portion of our Meeting and Nano Aquascaping Competition.

Please join us in congratulating Paula as the well deserved winner of our Competition. Her prize is a $25 gift card for Ely’s Tropical Fish.

NJAGC is extremely grateful to Absolutely Fish, Ely’s Tropical Fish, Aquaridise and Aquatic Garden for their sponsorship, donations and generosity.


As always, thank you to our members for your participation, attendance and ongoing support.

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