NJAGC First Meeting

First Meeting:

Our First meeting was held on November 15th, 2006.

Mike Firrincili assisted by his girlfriend, Lorraine at his home in Hawthorne were the hosts.

Mike and Lorraine – THANK YOU!

Mike's Grow Out tankThe event was well attended for the first meeting of the club.

In attendance were:

Mike Firrincili and Lorraine
Joseph Hoetzl
Jay L.
Sergio Canabal
Ingo Schobert
Walter Reed
Jens Rohloff
Lynn and Chris Howard
Irwan Gohor

Mike had his 2 of his 3 tanks covered so we wouldn’t walk in and be distracted by them, but his 50 gallon grow out/farm tank was left open, and it is certainly growing out!

Some excellent sustanance was provided, including sandwiches and some concoction that Mike didn’t have a name for, but called it “better than plain old lasagna”, which I have to agree with!

Discussing the 38After enjoying the food and drink, the meeting kicked off with Mike unveiling his 38 gallon tank.

He explained about his CO2 delivery system, with the glass rods he had made bringing the feed to the front of the tank, and a very good discussion about the merits or lack there of having strong outflow and BBA. There seemed to be some sort of consenses about it, but that is going to be discussed further on the forum I’m sure.

Mike also described his layout plans and the progression of the tank from eco to ADA based substrate and a possible further change to a sand foreground. He also had some impressive sized Downoi in there, but the Blyxa Japonica was most impressive as you can see below.

38 Gallon Blyxa Shot

Look at that Blyxa go! Note the Downoi in the right – front…

38 Gallon Shot

A side view of the 38 Gallon – Hover over the image to see the CO2 glass rods

.Mike's 38 Gallon CO2 delivery system using bent glass rods

The meeting then progressed onto Mike’s 75 gallon beauty. He began with the unveiling…

75 Unveil 1 75 Unveil 275 Unveil 3


75 Unveil 4

Mike explained about his layout choices, and discussed his very nice Bolbitis growth, and how it was almost melted at one point, and that is requires some decent flow/movement around it to stay healthy.

Then there was the big spill. No, someone didn’t drop a drink, Mike explained that he wants his Hemianthus Micranthemoides to look like it is spilling over. You be the judge…

Mike explains spilling...

So, does it spill?

75 Full Tank Shot

Discussing the 75 gallon tank, and foreground growth..

.Viewing the 75

Explaining the guts of the 75 gallon…

75 Guts

Mike shows where they really keep the bodies

After many good discussions, we ended the meeting with the plant swap.

Here are some shots of the offerings, including Mike’s Blyxa, some generous portions of fern from Erwin, Segio’s Mini/Dwarf riccia and many others. Jay brought a long a lot of ADA AquaJournal magazines that were there for the taking – very nice!

Plant Swap 1

More Plant Swap

even more plant swap

And some other shots from the evening…

Shoes off please…

The shoes

Sergio and Jay

Jay and Sergio

Lynn wondering why she didn’t ask Mike for that moss he just gave away….

Mike Grow Out Tank

Ingo inspecting/appreciating Mike’s handywork…

Ingo Appreciating Mike's Handy work

Jay L. taking a shot of the 38 – whatcha got Jay?

Yes, that is really what he was shooting!

The artist known as Mike…

The artist currently known as Mike

Mike and Lorraine – Once again, thanks for being the first or what we hope to be many more.

Till next time,
Joseph Hoetzl – NJAGC Secretary

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