May 20, 2007 – The Great Shrimpster Order

May 2007 – “The Great Shrimpster Order”

Once again NJAGC and its members have executed another great group order!

NJAGC member Brian Waldbaum, owner/operator of Hydropolis, an online aquarium plant and dry good store, offered members a huge discount on an amazing variety of aquarium live stock.

It didn’t’t take NJAGC long to take Hydropolis up on the offer and thanks to the work of members Paula B and Glenn McCreedy “The Great Shrimpster Order” was born!

Paula and Glenn organized the deal – Who was in for what, how many, and how much was owed.

Brian placed the order, picked it up at JFK Airport and even delivered the goodies to the NJAGC. Talk about customer service!

Ingo documented the pickup process once Brian delivered them to Walter’s place.

In attendance for the pickup were: Walter, Rhonda, Paula, Mike, Sergio, Glenn, Brian, and Ingo.

On deck for moral support: Walter’s wife and son.

And here are some photos from the “Great Shrimpster Order” pickup…

Shipping box

The box in which loads of shrimpsters traveled from Asia to Hawthorne

(next to it is some Flourite for Glenn, not shrimp food)

Mike and Segio discussing things

Sergio and Mike are discussing on “how to” tackle the non-official non-meeting best

Mike digs in

Mike took charge and dared to open the box. Doesn’t he look like a kid at Christmas?

Mike, Joseph and Sergio counting out the shrimp

Mike and Sergio, with the help of Walter’s son, started to count out shrimp and to place them in individual bags to be taken home by the patiently waiting members

Paula showing off her shrimpsters

Paula showing us her shrimpsters .

She only ended up with, I believe, about 300 Bamboo shrimp for her 10G tank

Acclimating the shrimp

Ingo’s bag with his share (about 30 Japonicas) at the beginning of the acclimatization phase in his 20G QT

Acclimating the shrimp 2 hours later

About 2 hours into the acclimatization phase and after the removal of most of the moss.

Probably the last time Ingo could see all of them at once.

Shrimp in Ingo's tank

About a dozen of them starting to eat as soon as they had been added.

Ingo had to remove some platies from the tank as they were getting too aggressive and tried to nip my poor babies.

Shrimp over Anubias Nana

Shrimp over Nana Petite (Sound like some delicacy)

The A. Petite seems like it sure could use some shrimp for cleaning!

Shrimp checking out the eco complete substrate

Shrimp moving over the Eco Complete which in the open area of the tank will provide excellent food for the shrimpsters, enough small algae is at hand.

Shrimp on the narrow leaf Java fern

A shrimp in Ingo’s narrow leaf java fern. On the left you can see some leaves of the clippings from Ingo’s 29G of the few stems of Najas Indica that he got from Paula at the second to last meeting. What a nice plant!

187 Amano shrimp and 50 Bamboo shrimp all at an amazingly generous discount!

Thanks to:

Brian Waldbaum of Hydropolis

Walter ( Karen and Joseph too) for letting everyone pickup there!

Paula and Glenn for the arrangements on the forum!

Ingo for the photography, and Ingo and Mike for the write-up!

And thanks to NJAGC members for their participation in the order!


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