March 23rd, 2013

NJAGC’s  2nd meeting of 2013 was held at the home of Member and Vice President Darin Philips. The meeting was presided over by President Jerry Smith.

In attendance were:

Brendan A Brian O Stephen S Joe L
Jerry S Drew S Phil H Ken O
Darek K Adrian M Khanh T Jason T
Darin P Sabra O Jake S Chris R
Patrick D Egbert A Kevin R Jonathan W

President Jerry Smith called the NJAGC meeting to order by thanking everyone for coming out and thanking the host, Darin P for providing the venue as well as fabulous food that he had prepared.

Mar 2013 big (2 of 9)

He also mentioned that Ken O. and Darin would be giving a presentation on the “Dos’ and Don’ts” of a sump use on a planted aquarium.

Before the fun and learning began, we needed to discuss a few club business matters. Behind the scenes of NJAGC, the board has worked on a few ideas that may be of interest to the members of the club. One opportunity  brought up was the chance to go up to Aquaview Design in Northampton, MA in September for Non-Club sponsored trip. If you would be interested in participating in this trip, please contact Jerry Smith via PM.

After much hard work and time put in by Darek K and Marko D , NJAGC debuted the new Business Cards. This beautiful aquascape featured on our new cards was crafted with the keen eye and master craftsmanship by none other than NJAGCs own Sergio C.



With all the business behind us it was time for the sump presentation by Ken O. and Darin P. Ken started off by explaining the importance of keeping the levels of the sump marked. The markings allow you to fill the tank to cover evaporation without overfilling it. The sump level drops when the system is turned on. Any water added while running could end up spilling if a power failure occurs.

Mar 2013 big (4 of 9)

Then he explained the proper overflow box sizes as well as the significance of a drilled hole  in the return line to the tank. Without that hole, a siphon could occur during a power failure and the tank could empty out all over your floor.

Mar 2013 big (3 of 9)

Questions were brought up and answered by Ken and Darin. Darin placed a lot of emphasis on checking the sump level daily for level changes. Water will need to be added to the level marker to make up for evaporation.

Shortly after a Q and A session with NJAGC members, Ken begun his impromptu LED lighting presentation.

Mar 2013 big (7 of 9)

(“When Jerry is not heading a NJAGC meeting, he’s saving the world from intergalactic algae!!!”)

Mar 2013 big (5 of 9)

Then came lunch!!! As always Darin out did himself, with exquisite food, prepared as if you were at a 5 Star restaurant!!!

Mar 2013 big (8 of 9) Mar 2013 big (9 of 9)

After lunch everyone made their way to the back rooms where Darin has his 180 gallon tank, guppy and shrimp nano tank, quarantine tank, African shell dweller tank and a terrarium.

African shell dweller tank, Neolamprologus multifasciatus from Lake Tanganyika:

Mar 2013 small (3 of 4) Quarantine tank

Mar 2013 small (2 of 4)

Guppy and shrimp nano tank

Mar 2013 small (1 of 4)TerrariumMar 2013 small (4 of 4)

Darin had asked prior to the meeting if the club would do a rescape of his 180 tank which everyone was excited about. Plants were removed  and placed in separate containers.

Mar 2013 big (1 of 9)

Everyone chipped in with suggestions and provided alternative solutions to the layout of the tank . The only issue was by the end of the night, the tank was so murky that you couldn’t see the finished product.

As usual memebers of NJAGC participated in the Plant swaps / trades which makes collectoris that much harder to curb.

Swap table

Mar 2013 big (1 of 1)We also have vinegar eels in the club.

Mar 2013 big (6 of 9)

NJAGC would like to thank Darin for opening up his home and hosting another wonderful meeting!!! Thanks to Ken and Darin for the sump presentation!!! A special thanks to all those who brought food to help Darin feed the hungry aquascapers!!

The next NJAGC meeting will be in May.

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