August 5, 2017 NJAGC Meeting (@ Phil’s)

Our annual NJAGC summer picnic was held at Phil’s and attended by over 30 members and guests: Hock N., Jerry S., Max B., Johnnie F. and family, Steve M., Kara and Ian M., Gavin and Sheila and guest Amanda W., Hank S., Paula B., Khanh T. and family, Andrew H., Aram B., Isaac M. and Ali, Scott J., Evan S., Myron D’S., Frank Z., Pete B., Adrian M., Chris R., Frank W., and Egbert A.  Phil and Julie were gracious hosts and opened up their beautiful home to us.

As usual, the food was plentiful along with good fellowship. For a few members, this was their very first meeting and it was a pleasure to finally meet them in person. Several old-time members who we’ve not seen in a while also came. It was good to see them again. Phil’s 240 gallon tank, as always, was a centerpiece and was intently gazed upon. We held a small auction for some hardscape that was in the club inventory. At the end of the meeting, we held our usual plant swap with many members bringing their excess plants to share.

The following photos show us enjoying talk and renewing friendships. Phil’s home is so nice to meet in. It’s a converted barn with post and beam construction and massive open area’s.

It was good to see Adrian again. Don’t be gone so long next time!!

Phil working in his handicap accessible aquarium.

Get your freshly harvested plants here!!

Khanh auctioning off a nice piece of driftwood.

Checking out the plants in the plant swap.

If you don’t go home with some plants, you just didn’t look through them. Our plant swap is really beneficial to those just setting up a tank. Join us and enjoy this member benefit.

Phil’s 29 gallon tank

Phil’s custom stand low enough for him to work on his tank from his wheelchair. He can reach his arm in and get to most of the bottom. He calls this tank “Phil’s Crip-Zen 240 Community Tank”. His filter is on a shelf in the basement which can be raised or lowered via pulley’s so he can work on it. Auto water changer. The hood slides on rails to get it out of the way while he works on it. It can’t fall off when pushed out of the way. Very ingenious construction.

Down in Phil’s Man Cave. He is at his workbench soldering something or other.

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