Lagenandra meeboldii sp. “pink”

by Drew Slootmaker DC

This beautiful and robust plant, native to India and Sri Lanka, has large
greenish/pink leaves and fits nicely into a Cryptocoryne, Anubias or Echinodorus themed aquascape. When grown in suitable conditions L. meeboldii sp. “pink” will reach a large size making it a good focal point plant for the larger planted aquarium.

Leaves grow from its thick, large rhizome that, like Anubias sp., do better if the rhizome is left at or above the substrate level and not buried. As the plant matures, leaves will grow large and reach for the surface, blocking light to lower levels of the aquarium, creating a good growing area for lower light plants such as some small sized Cryptocoryne species. Frequent pruning of taller leaves however will keep the plant more medium sized, and allow for mid-level placement within the aquascape.

Lagenandra meeboldii sp "pink"
Lagenandra meeboldii sp. “pink” is a pretty undemanding plant that likes moderate to high light, and CO2 supplementation. CO2 is not necessary, but growth will be much slower and the plant will appear less “dense” in it’s growth pattern.

Propagation of L. meeboldii is very similar to propagation of Anubias sp.
Cutting the rhizome leaving a few leaves on each piece, will produce new plants.

Due to its relatively rare occurrence within the planted aquarium community, there is little information available regarding this plant. Most of what I’ve seen and read has the plant growing in soft water conditions…

Lagenandra meeboldii sp. “pink”

I’ve kept this plant in hard water/ high pH with CO2 injection with great results. It has rapidly become one of my favorites.

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  1. Thanks for your gift of one of these plants Drew. I am thinking of starting a Paludarium in my new 4 foot long 150 gallon tank. This plant could go there. I plan on temporarily growing it in a small one gallon jar emersed till I get going on the 150.

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